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Hwisel Commercial IoT helps you become more efficient by managing your costs and risks. It plays a vital role in safeguarding your valuable asset by giving you actionable insights on issues before they become devastating. By monitoring IoT devices, action takes a few seconds and not days.

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Life safety devices
Battery Operated
Long Life

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Commercial IoTMulti-Residential IoT

  • Spend more time on Revenue and Profits and less time running between your properties. Worry less, knowing that your properties are being constantly monitored allowing you to meet or exceed budget operating expenses!
  • Manage, control, and constrain costs with Hwisel IoT.
  • If you manage rental properties or any kind of multi-residential property, floods and freezing are a constant threat. Avoid costly damage by using low-cost sensors that automatically notify you if potential freeze or flood conditions exist. Remote thermostat control keeps expenses down by automating temperature settings.
  • IoT technology has come a long way from wired building automation and security systems. Today’s sensors have long-life battery operation, work in all kinds of environments, and penetrate buildings well. Some solutions even cover multiple properties from a single point.
  • The property managers have 24/7 control and management of all their properties, drastically reducing operating expenses and energy cost.
IoT Segments

Commercial IoT


  • Operational in 1 2 days
  • Low cost
  • No major investment
  • Equipment subscription plans available
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Network
  • Our hardware is battery powered so if local power is lost, your doors still function.
  • With Hwisel Commercial IoT, you

    • Relax
    • Understand
    • Save

Commercial IoT

Mission Critical Systems

HWisel’s platform is secure, reliable, and integrates with the world’s most trusted hardware and software brands. Our core competency is as a Smart Device Management platform. We are not a smart device manufacturer or property management software provider.
• Open hardware platform that integrates with best-in-class devices from leading manufacturers like Nest, Kwikset, GE, and more
• Purpose built gateway with Z Wave, WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities
• Certified integrations with Samsung SmartThings eco-system of hundreds of 3rd party Smart Home devices
• Cellular backup to ensure security and connection redundancy
• Z Wave certified

Technology is only as good as the people behind it
• Installing and managing thousands of devices is complicated and we all know that poorly implemented technology is worse than no technology. Hwisel’s experienced team of IoT experts, Technicians, and Customer support means we look after everything.
• We guarantee projects are:
- Installed on time
- On budget
- Supported
- Proprietary hardware is guaranteed for life or we will replace it
- Live Monitoring

Key Technology Features

IoT LongRange

Long Range

- Connects devices up to 30 miles apart in rural areas and penetrates dense urban or deep indoor environments

IoT LowPower

Low Power

- Requires minimal energy, with prolonged battery lifetime of up to 10 years, minimizing battery replacement costs

IoT Secure


- Features end-to-end AES128 encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection, and confidentiality

IoT GeoLocation


- Enables GPS-free tracking applications, offering unique low power benefits untouched by other technologies

IoT Standardized


-Offers device interoperability and global availability

IoT Mobile


- Maintains communication with devices in motion without strain on power consumption

IoT HighCapacity

High Capacity

- Supports millions of messages per base station

IoT LowCost

Low Cost

- Reduces infrastructure investment, battery replacement expense, and ultimately operating expenses

Key Principles

IoT Monitor

What you don’t monitor does not matter!

IoT Simple

Keep it simple, complex solutions are prone to failure!

IoT Analytics

IoT is not an appliance, it needs management, analytics, and ai

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