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HWisel Appliance Service Plans do more, provide more, and cost less than other plans. Why? We are not an insurance company! We are an On-Demand Mobile Appliance Service provider.

on demand mobile appliance service provider

First Time Customer Experience

Unlike other providers; all new customers will receive a complimentary visit from HWisel. As a customer, you are looking for a Service Plan that actually provides Service!

  • Insurance companies simply rely on their web site or a third party to sell what they call a Warranty.
  • They don’t actually plan on having you use it.
  • In fact, if you need service you will have to call the service technician, ensure they will work for the hourly rate you selected in the Plan and administer the whole process.
  • They never come to your home to meet with you, explain their Plans, or look at the appliance.


First time HWisel customers immediately notice the difference. HWisel offers a robust user friendly Mobile App, customers can use it to request service, review service history, maintain a list of all their appliances, those on a plan and those that are not, and its Smart Home ready! So what can a new customer expect…

Book Service


Select the plan or plans right for you from our web site.

Smart Home Connected


A Plan Advisor will meet with you, inventory all your Appliances, those on a Plan and those that are not!

Appliance History


Use the HWisel Mobile App to request service on all your appliances. You still enjoy the convenience of HWisel service at competitive rates.

HWisel is an APP for homeowners who simply have no time to deal with an appliance repair.

We have never met a homeowner who enjoys coming home to deal with a broken furnace, air conditioner, water heater, or other appliance.  No one, period!  That’s why every homeowner should have a HWisel.

We hope your experience with HWisel is more than satisfactory. However, we wish you never would have to use it, if you know what we mean!

Download the HWisel App for iOS or Android today…

Equipment Not Eligible for a Service Plan:

  • Ductless Wall Units
  • High Velocity Units
  • Natural Gas Powered Cooling Units
  • Wall Cooling Units
  • Heating Recovery Ventilation Unit
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit
  • Natural Gas Fireplace
  • Water Cooled Cooling Units
  • Equipment serving more than one Dwelling Units
  • Any Equipment not readily accessible by our Authorized Technician

Additional Terms and Conditions – All Plans are also subject to the terms and conditions set out under the heading “General Terms and Conditions.”