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5 tips for buying furnace

Top 5 things homeowners should consider before buying a furnace

Summer is finally over! The time of the year is here when you can go out hiking, camping and enjoy comforting drinks near the bonfire in the evenings. Fall is almost upon us, the time of the first frost and the time when every homeowner should prep up their houses for the upcoming winter season. You should start checking on your HVAC systems and replace the old furnace if required. By doing so in early fall, you will save yourself enough time to research the options, make a reasoned and cost-effective decision before the winter season takes over.

A furnace is a big investment for you and your family comfort. You have to do an in-depth analysis of the factors like efficiency, upfront costs, fuel sources to avoid any last-minute breakdown surprises in the future. With that, you will make the buying process less overwhelming and will be able to align your decision with your requirements. The goal of every homeowner is to find a balance between the ongoing operating cost and the overall cost of the equipment with the installation.

Let’s walk you through the things you should consider when shopping for a furnace.

Fuel Source

There are three types of fuel sources available in the market – electricity, natural gas and oil. Electricity is the most uneconomical source among all of them. It directly creates heat from the coal-generated electricity, which may cost you a fortune and drain your savings. However, you can go with heat pumps for an efficient electric powered source, it transfers heat from one air stream to another, consuming less electricity. You can opt for this source only if your area doesn’t have access to natural gas.

Natural gas is the most economical source, the initial upfront cost may be higher, but it will compensate with the affordability of natural gas. A furnace with oil or propane gas is a powerful way of generating heat but the furnace with oil requires space for storage and is way dirtier than a natural gas furnace. The operating cost depends on the fluctuating price of oil.

Furnace Efficiency
The performance efficiency rating of a furnace is measured in AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). It is the percent of heat produced from every dollar of fuel consumed. If the furnace has a 95% AFUE rating, it means it will convert 95% of the fuel (gas or oil) it consumes into usable warmth. Ideally, you should invest in the most efficient furnace that you can afford. High-end furnace’s performance requires advanced features to use less fuel to heat up your house. The upfront cost may be overwhelming, but it will minimize your operating costs. High-efficiency furnaces are quieter and eco-friendly as well.

Furnace Installation Quality

Never compromise on the quality of furnace installation. Improper installation can degrade the performance of the furnace and can be taxing on your wallet. There are a lot of complexities and modifications involved. The installation site may demand different venting, duct tape repairs and air pipe connection. We recommend you give the job to a professional and do not overlook the installation requirements.

Sizing equates to efficient output
Always ask your contractor to do the heat-loss analysis of your house, this analysis helps you find out the right size of the furnace required to heat the area (often measured in BTU). If you buy a furnace with capacity that your home doesn’t require, it will burn out sooner and will not perform efficiently. It will also wreck the components and create an uncomfortable hot/ cold spot across your house.

Zoning systems
Most homes have areas and rooms that are colder and hotter than other parts of the home and the family members also have different preferences. To accommodate their comfort and to tailor the temperature, zoning is required. It is the process of regulating and redirecting air to the specific areas of the home with separate thermostats. These thermostats create temperature-controlled zones while saving energy.

To pull it all together
Whether you are replacing your furnace or installing a system on a new property, you will need professional help for modifications and installation. A top-notch installation professional extends the life of your equipment and gives you tips to maximize your savings. Call in technicians from HWisel for seamless installation and regular HVAC equipment repair services. We provide quick and effective services so that you’re not left out in the bleak weather.

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