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Just when the summer is on its way to strike, the initial thought that may come to our mind is turning on the air conditioner to keep the temperature cool. But when we use it after a gap of several months, it’s possible that the system may not work properly. It’s not always difficult to know if your air conditioner needs repair service, but often amateur homeowners end up wondering whether the air conditioner has really stopped working or it’s all just in their head. In case your air conditioning system doesn’t function as it must be, it may need an expert’s attention. You must always book the air conditioning repair services as soon as you realize the malfunctioning of the system.

When Does Your Air Conditioner Need Repair?

Take a look at some of the fairly obvious warning signs indicating that your air conditioner needs repair. Some of the signs will help you search for repair services before the problem gets out of control.

  • Less or No Cool Air

    You may feel that your air conditioner is not doing what it’s made for. Even at the coldest temperature settings, the air coming from the vents is not as cool as it should be. This sign can indicate that your system needs a repair urgently to avoid any further damage. Lack of cool air can be a sign of failed compressor or lower Freon levels. In that case, you may need to replace the whole unit.

  • Poor Air Flow

    If you observe little or weak air flow through the AC vents, then the compressor may be at fault. In case the whole room is not getting the cold air, the problem might be with the ductwork which is a sign that your AC needs a serious repair.

    With the time, dust can cover the AC vents. Not only this blocks the airflow but can present a health risk to you. Cleaning your air conditioner ducts regularly is an ideal way to restore the airflow. If the system still doesn’t work properly, then you need to book the appliance repair services for your AC.

  • Thermostat Issues

    Many times the issue is not with the AC unit, but with the thermostat. If one part of your home gets colder while another part is at the same temperature, then there is an issue with the thermostat that can be resolved by an experienced technician.

  • Leakage Around The System

    Water can sometimes leak from around your air conditioner unit and it can be an indication of problems. If you notice any leakage from the system, it can be because of the following reasons:

    The leak could be refrigerant, that could be the most serious case. This moisture or leak can cause severe health risks to the members. So it’s important to call for a repair in this case.

    The drain tube disposing the condensed water from the AC might be broken or blocked. This is not a serious issue, but it must be resolved quickly to avoid the problem caused by the blocked outlet.

  • Unusual Sounds

    These sounds indicate that there is a fault inside the unit. Either the metal component in your AC requires lubrication or the belt may have slipped out of place, also the broken motor bearing can be the cause of these sounds. In order to avoid a pricey breakdown further, you must report this issue to the Air conditioning repair service technician.

  • Strange Odors

    Unusual smells from the AC vents generally means that your system’s wire insulation may have burned. Stake odors usually indicate that there is mold inside the ductwork or unit which needs to be taken care of without delay.

    In order to avoid all the aforementioned issues, it’s important to maintain your AC system at regular intervals. It is an expensive appliance and the proper care can add to its lifespan and reduce the need for costly repairs. Even if the unit doesn’t need replacement, getting the appliance repair services for it can increase its performance and save your money.

Want reliable services for your home appliances?

Book an appointment with our technicians at HWisel and get your Air Conditioner issues resolved.

At HWisel, we provide you the best on-demand appliance repair service for your air conditioner. Our robust mobile app platform seamlessly bridges the gap between homeowners and the technicians.

Key Features Of Our On-demand Air Conditioning Repair Services

  1. Seamless bookings:  Once the customer books a service with HWisel, the appointment gets confirmed within 10 minutes of Air conditioning repair expert’s arrival. Also, the service costs less compared to the cost of buying a new air conditioner.
  2. Easy Scheduling:  Solving air conditioner maintenance problems couldn’t be easier. Customers just need to select the service, check out price and schedule as per their preferred date and time.
  3. Real-time   pdates: Track the location and Estimated time of arrival (ETA) of Air Conditioning repair technician in real-time through a GPS tracker.
  4. Transparent:   Get complete details of the technicians including their name and other information. This feature ensures the safety and security of the customers.
  5. SOS Alerts:  In case of an emergency, customers can send an SOS and the technicians will arrive there as soon as possible.

Special Features Of The Technicians At HWisel

  1. Verified:   All the appliance repair service experts are thoroughly verified with a complete background police check. All of them are licensed, insured, and bonded.
  2. Experienced:   he technicians are highly qualified in their field and always courteous with the customers.
Why Is HWisel The Best Choice For Your Air Conditioning Repair Services?

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of services, and we can go above and beyond to make it better. Whether you are looking for AC repair or maintenance, we will connect you with the highly trained and experienced technicians near you. Our reliable on-demand air conditioning repair services include a complete pre-repair inspection by our skilled technicians.

The team of highly-qualified professionals takes time to analyze and repair the issues causing your unit to break down. Their hands-on experience with all the leading makes and models will minimize the need for a 2nd visit.

Download the HWisel app now, schedule an appointment and let the technicians help you determine the best way to improve the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner.

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