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Smart water leak devices can save you big money

Do you know that water leak damage is one of the most common claims of home insurance? The follow up of a claim is even more daunting with increased premiums. The average cost of drying out a property from a water leak can be around $2700 while the cost of drying out property along with the repairing of carpeting and drywall is around $7500. A clean water leak is the easiest to deal with and can cost you around $4 per sq./ft., a greywater leak from a dishwasher or a washing unit can cost around $5 per sq./ft. while black water from a contaminated source may cost you $7 per sq./ft. Shocking, right?

A normal house consists of multiple appliances, fittings and hose connections, a homeowner cannot possibly check on everything, every single day and foresee the damage which might occur the next day. Assume that your dishwasher is broken, you do not sense the depth of the situation, overlook it and leave for your office. In the evening, when you come back from work, you see your carpets immersed in water, your white goods reduced to useless plastic and metal and wallpaper hung in tatters. What would you do? The loss will be immense and leave you in jeopardy. If a water leak damage is not addressed in the initial 24-48 hours, additional serious issues may begin to set in and turn a normal leak into catastrophe damage.

The sources of water damage can be a failing water heater, broken supply line under the sink, burst pipe, a clogged toilet, split hose connected to a washing machine. A water leak can do a lot more damage than you have ever anticipated. Prolonged contact with water may lead to:

  • A fire caused by contact with electrical outlets.
  • The growth of mold and mildew on the surfaces.
  • Rotting of woods
  • Stains caused by water minerals and particles.
  • Bacteria infestation from contaminated sources.
  • Odour caused by bacteria and moisture.

Just remember that prevention is the best cure in such cases. All the dangers mentioned are considerably more costly than the initial moisture. It is crucial for homeowners to deal with the water leak issues in the initial 2 days to ensure that the issues have not worsened. Traditionally, to make certain there is no danger, homeowners used to check the water meter when they suspected anything wrong. They informed the billing department to know if the water consumption indicated any leakage.

Smart home technology is created to make the lives of homeowners simpler and more convenient. Most of these smart home sensors are designed to save your property from potential damage. Just like how you use smoke sensors to determine the possible dangers related to fire, water leak sensors alert you about the potential water damage. You can have them installed in your laundry room, water heater closet, bathroom and kitchen.

With HWisel smart home integration services– you can get SmartThings sensors installed in your house. It quickly minimizes the risk of damage and repair costs; you will be able to take swift decisions and be ahead of time. A $2.00/month sensor with free HWisel monitoring can save up to $7,500 or $2,700 on average. Anything that saves your house from the dangers and gives you peace of mind is not an expense but an investment. The ROI from such investments is the security of your house, prevention from calamity and intimidating insurance claims. Water leak sensors are tailor-made for the job and can be proven as an essential addition to your smart home appliances.

Benefits of SmartThings sensor

  • The sensor monitors the humidity in the air transmitting communication to the hub, then directly to your smartphone.
    It monitors leaks, floods and temperature.
  • It pings you on your chosen device at the first sign of a leak.
  • Ramps up your protection further with other connected devices.

HWisel offers a wide range of smart sensors from the leading SmartThings series. In addition to these sensors, we provide expert monitoring and support services for your smart home products. Do not procrastinate, we urge you to invest in the smart water leak detector and incorporate this technology into your life. With this, you will be notified on your mobile if any minor spill occurs. Keep a tab on every water leak source through a water leak sensor whether you are in your bed, at your workplace or on a vacation. It is a more effective approach to ensure home safety. It is easier to install and a holistic solution to water-related damages.

Visit HWisel to explore our smart home kits and individual products. It is better to prevent and prepare than repent and repair. HWisel charges only $2/per month for the sensor along with its monitoring services. In a nutshell, you can sleep peacefully for the price of a burger! Grab the deal NOW!

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Mr. John Nassar is Founder of Hwisel Soft Inc. He has 18+ years of experience in the Residential HVAC, Home Security, Smart Home, and Consumer Finance industry. He is a serial entrepreneur that is also a consumer and advocate for the same products and services his companies provide. He is a change junky that enjoys cycling, traveling, and family. He holds a Masters Degree in Business, an undergraduate B.Comm Degree with a Major in Economics.

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