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The Dryer is a typical appliance in the laundry routine for many homeowners, as they don’t have much space or time to let their clothes hang dry after washing. The ability to get dry clothes in minutes has become the cornerstone of modern life. However, frequent use of dryer can put pressure on its components, which can cause it to malfunction. With this appliance playing such an important role in the lives of most of the people, you must be aware of the signs indicating that you may need appliance repair service for your dryer. Knowing these signs can, not only prevent malfunctioning of the dryer, but also, prevent your home from electrical hazards.


Common Signs That Your Dryer Needs Repair

  • Dryer Takes Long To Dry the Clothes

    One of the most common signs that you might face is when the dryer takes longer than the normal time to dry the clothes. While it can only take a few minutes longer, but this problem can get worse with time if not taken care of. Some of you may ignore this and assume that your dryer is simply old now and needs to be replaced. However, this sign indicates that your dryer needs repair rather than a replacement. The failing machinery can usually cause the drying process to slow down. If you are facing this issue with your dryer, then you should call a dryer repair technician to prevent any further malfunction.

  • The Drum Doesn’t Spin

    When the dryer’s drum isn’t spinning, many of you think that the dryer is broken and needs a replacement, but that’s not always the case. The broken dryer belt may be the main cause of the dryer not spinning and it needs to be replaced with the new one. This simple repair can get your dryer in a proper working condition again, and this will cost much less than replacing the whole dryer. Thus, if your dryer stops working, it is recommended to have your dryer completely checked for the repairs by the technicians.

  • The Dryer Smells Like Burning

    One of the most common and vital signs for you to take care of is when your dryer has a burning smell while running, as this can be an indication of big trouble. Most commonly, the smell of dryer indicates that it is not getting the proper ventilation, and there could be an issue with the dryer vent. There is a possibility that your lint trap is full and needs to be cleared. Another indication that there is some issue with the dryer vent is if your clothes are coming out of the spin tub too hot. Overheating can damage clothes inside the dryer or can even cause your dryer to malfunction. In case you are not able to identify the problem at your own, it’s suggested that you stop using your dryer and contact a technician for your dryer repair service, as this burning smell can make the dryer catch fire.

Being aware of the obvious signs that you need appliance repair service for your dryer can allow you to have your dryer thoroughly inspected and repaired by the professionals before the problem gets worse. For the busy families, this can be significant in ensuring that you can use one of your most vital appliances without any trouble.

You can book an appointment with on-demand dryer repair service technicians at HWisel, and save the money you will spend on the replacement.

At HWisel, we strive to offer you the benefits of on-demand appliance repair services for your dryer. Our robust mobile app platform seamlessly bridges the gap between homeowners and the technicians.

Want best-in-class services for your home appliances?

Book an appointment with our technicians at HWisel and get your issues related to you dryer resolved.

Key Features of Our On-demand dryer Repair Services

  1. Seamless Bookings:  Once the customer books a service with HWisel, the appointment gets confirmed within 10 minutes of residential repair technician’s arrival. Also, the service costs less as compared to the cost of buying a new dryer.
  2. Easy Scheduling:  Solving appliance maintenance problems couldn’t be easier. Customers just need to select the service, check out the price, and schedule as per their preferred date and time.
  3. Real-time Updates:  Track the location and Estimated time of arrival (ETA) of residential repair technician in real-time through a GPS tracker.
  4. Transparent:  Get complete details of the technicians including their name and other information. This feature ensures the safety and security of the customers.
  5. SOS Alerts:  In case of an emergency, customers can send an SOS and the technicians will arrive there as soon as possible.

Special Features of Technicians At HWisel

  1. Verified:  All the dryer repair service experts are thoroughly verified with a complete background police check. All of them are licensed, insured, and bonded.
  2. Experienced:  The technicians are highly qualified in their field and always courteous with the customers.
Why Is HWisel the Best Choice for Your Dryer Repair Services?

We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality of services, and we can go above and beyond to make it better. Whether you are looking for dryer repair or maintenance, we will connect you with the highly trained and experienced technicians near you. HWisel makes sure that the functioning of your dryer is perfectly well. Our multiple on-demand appliance repair service options guarantee that your home comfort needs are fulfilled as per your convenience.

The team of highly-qualified and courteous professionals takes time to analyze and repair the issues causing your unit to break down. Their hands-on experience with all the leading makes and models will minimize the need for a 2nd visit.

Download the app now, schedule an appointment, and let the technicians help you determine the best way to improve the efficiency of your dryer and make its functioning last-longer.

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