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Faulty Furnace Sounds You Should Keep an Ear Out For

In the cold and freezing winters, the furnace in your house is responsible for keeping you warm. It increases the internal temperature and makes for a comfortable setting. Since your furnace is only utilized for five-six months, it is very easy to forget the fact that the furnace needs to be repaired or maintained from time to time.

The reason your furnace requires regular maintenance is to ensure that it is working efficiently and warming your home well. By avoiding routine checks and tune-ups, you are allowing an increase in your energy bills and may have to replace your unit earlier than usual. If your furnace is making the following unusual sounds, call for appliance repair service immediately:


Excess Vibrations:
The most likely reason your furnace is making a vibrating or thumping sound, is an unbalanced blower wheel. The noise can also be an indication of a malfunctioned motor. If you are hearing loud thumps coming from your appliance, call a professional repair service as soon as possible.


Sudden Squealing:
When you hear a squealing or screeching sound from your furnace, there could be multiple factors causing this. The shaft bearing of your furnace may need oiling or the blower belt could have been damaged. A squeaky noise can also occur if the blower motor requires repair.


Metal Scraping:
If your appliance is making sounds that resemble those of metals scraping against each other, there is most certainly a problem with the blower wheel. This type of sound is the loudest and can be identified easily. However, if you hear a low rumbling sound, it could be due to a faulty burner. In either case, make sure to call for furnace repair service at once.


Bangs and Pops:
A clamorous banging sound when you turn on the furnace indicates a dirty furnace that can cause a delay in the ignition. If the noise is more like a loud pop, your heat exchanger could be at risk and cracked. The solution in both situations is to get your furnace professionally cleaned and checked to prevent further damage.


Gentle Humming:
A humming sound, though mild in nature, can also be a suggestion of a faulty furnace. The noise may signal a faulty fan or capacitor and can cause serious issues if not attended to, in the long run. Contact an appliance repair service technician for assistance for your furnace.


At HWisel, we understand the problems that your furnace can face and are here to help you keep your house & appliances up and running!

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