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five questions to ask before home appliance repair services

5 questions to ask before repairing and replacing home appliances

Dishwasher starts leaking water, a furnace stops warming your room, ice cubes start melting in the refrigerator and the oven won’t heat up to your preferences. Issues in appliances come unannounced and throw a monkey wrench into your plans and daily routine work. You have to put a halt to everything and start searching for effective solutions. The most common solutions homeowners have when their appliances start malfunctioning are – seeking repair services or replacing them. Nowadays appliances come with big price tags, logistics and installation cost. Additionally, for cost-conscious people, appliance repair services are sometimes stressful and do not guarantee success in most cases unless the service provider is a seasoned professional technician. Making the decision between the two major expenses isn’t always easy. Take a moment and do not let these breakdown issues weigh you down.

Let’s walk you through the questions you should ask yourself when you are perplexed and also find out which option is the most feasible for you:

1. How much does it cost to repair an appliance?
Before you start thinking about buying new appliances, consider giving attention to effective fixes provided by repair services that can significantly help them last for years to come. Appliance repair is a practical solution as it does not involve complex installation of built-in appliances and logistics cost. Repairing a part is easier and more cost-effective than replacing the entire system. Imagine if your refrigerator breaks down, it does not make sense to replace a refrigerator for CAD$1000+ if all it needs is a compressor that costs way too cheaper.

However, If the cost of repair is 50% of the cost of a new appliance, then you should consider replacing the appliance. Availability of defective parts impacts the decision to a great degree because sometimes manufacturers stop producing the parts of the appliances they launched three or five years back. Moreover, if your appliances go through the “catastrophic failure” and involve huge expenditures in parts and repair services to fix them, then replacing the item is the right solution.

2. How old is the appliance?
If you are confused about whether to replace or repair an appliance, then apply the 50% rule to the lifespan of your appliances. For example, If the lifespan of an appliance is 10 years, let’s assume that you used it for 5 years and it starts acting up, then you can consider the option of giving them consistent repair services. If it is being used for more than 7 years and not functioning as per their capability, then you can consider a replacement.

The life expectancy of home appliances is directly proportional to their usage. However, people replace appliances even before they are worn out because of new styles, technological advancement and preferences. Do not get lost in the endless cycle of replacing items just because they do not suffice the latest trends, always assess the waste these trends accumulate. A new appliance comes with an environmental cost. Use repair services when the appliance is just a few years old to be less wasteful and to reduce your carbon footprint.

Always use the average lifespan of appliances as a reference. Here is the list of some appliances with their expected life span:

Gas range appliances – 15 years
Electric range appliances – 13 years
Microwave oven – 9 years
Refrigerator and dryers – 13 years
Washing machines – 10 years
Dishwashers – 9 years
Compactors – 6 years

3. Can efficient repair service and maintenance help in extending the life of the appliance?
If you have purchased a budget-friendly appliance, you tend to assume that you have got your money’s worth in the first 2-3 years. However, if you have invested in high-end models from reputable sellers, then regular maintenance and repair services are a good option to get the desired return on the investment.
You can rule out the option of replacement by keeping good care of the appliance. For instance, in the summer months, homeowners get their air-conditioner serviced so that it can run efficiently throughout the season without breaking down. Good maintenance helps you extend the life span of the appliances. Repair services help restore the efficiency of the appliances and spot future problems before they happen. It will offer comprehensive solutions for all repair needs.

4. Is your appliance, energy-efficient?
Older models tend to use more energy to function, which undesirably increases the electricity overheads. Energy efficiency is a crucial factor while deciding whether you should go for replacement or get your appliances repaired. If your appliance has lower energy efficiency, you can check if any repair can fix the problem, else you can consider replacing them with high energy-efficient models. They might cost you a little in the beginning, but they are going to save a lot of electricity and money in the long run.

5. Are they under warranty?
Before you arrive at the conclusion, examine if your appliance is still within the manufacturer’s warranty. If yes, then you need not worry about the defective parts and repair costs involved. Moreover, many manufacturers or retailers offer an extended warranty which extends past manufacturer warranty. These warranties save a lot of your money and ensure hassle-free services with their unmatched repair services.

All things considered
The decision of “fix or replace” home appliance is difficult; you should think it through before making a decision. However, it is mentioned in one of the points that appliance repair and maintenance can significantly help in extending the life span of the item and is a sustainable choice. If you need assistance with your malfunctioning appliances, you can consult the professionals through HWisel App. We are committed to providing seamless appliance repair services by bridging the gap between the homeowners and repair professionals on the App. You can book the services on our App and be carefree. Download the App today from Google Play and App Store.

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