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Managing right indoor humidity

Managing the “right indoor humidity” for maximum comfort

As we are transitioning from summer to fall season in the northern hemisphere, it becomes extremely significant to maintain the level of relative humidity indoors.

According to the study by immunobiologist at Yale University, Professor Akiko Iwasaki, seasonal cycles do play a vital role in stimulating the transmissibility of viral respiratory diseases. And nothing can substantiate that claim more than the outbreaks of SARS and COVID-19 – they all commenced in winters.

Another research by the National Institute of Health (NIH) states that pathogens like coronavirus and rhinovirus are commonly surrounded with a “lipid layer”, as the temperature drops, the layer becomes more stable.

How are humidity and transmission interrelated?

In cold and dry winters days, these small airborne droplets along with the virus float longer when the air is dry. For instance; when you sneeze, your respiratory tract ejects pathogens in the air – which can stay put in the air for an extended duration.

Additionally, cold dries out your nasal passage and makes it more vulnerable to viruses. It’s a known fact that cold, sneezes and chills are indications that your body is fighting foreign invaders, but these symptoms are also a sign of a deadly coronavirus that the entire world is witnessing today. These minor symptoms cannot be ignored or taken lightly anymore. Many studies claim that viruses can replicate themselves in dry and cold temperature.

The risk of getting infected increases as the aerosols do not evaporate and disperse quickly in cold temperature. It puts millions of lives at risk as they use a heated room in cold temperatures. The heating systems suck the outdoor air inside the home, heating that air to make the room comfortable is treacherous for the residents as that process would make the relative humidity very low – particularly amidst pandemic situations.

People are using masks and hand sanitizers while practicing social distancing but are these measures a sure-shot way to contain the virus? There’s news of people who got infected even when they were at home all the time – this strongly suggests that the virus is airborne and travelling.

Temperature and Relative humidity

Failing to control the relative humidity and optimum temperature indoors can give birth to numerous illnesses for the occupants of the house. The “right temperature” is subjective, it varies from person to person. Ideally, the right temperature is when you are not aware of temperature.

The relative humidity identifies with the quality of indoor air. If it is not maintained well, it can turn your property into a breeding ground for allergens and irritants. As per Health Canada, the recommended standard of RH in cold weather is above 30%. Setting an RH standard in your commercial and residential properties will not just reduce the impact of COVID-19, but will keep you prepared for the future viral outbreaks as well.

How can HWisel help you?

These days, homeowners and commercial property owners don’t have time to manually check the humidity levels of all the rooms, at one time. That’s where the magical home automation and IoT devices come to the rescue, they enhance the capabilities of your appliances and keep you informed on the go.

At HWisel, we have designed some of the most favourable home automation solutions and backed them with our HWisel service app. As a SmartThings developer partner and retailer, we have expanded our smart home as a service (SHaaS) potential to reinforce the communication between smart sensors and the HWisel service app. With that, it has also introduced a multitude of seasonal service plans.

The Ecobee 3 Lite sensor and climate sensor along with the HWisel heating PLUS service plan is a perfect combo to keep the indoor RH in check. These top-tier sensors can be installed on your humidifier/dehumidifier, they can track the temp/humidity levels and send you real-time alerts if they sense suspicious issues.

The bottom line is – you need to take all the possible preventive measures to safeguard your loved ones, especially in these unprecedented times. HWisel home automation solutions and services do what they claim and do it very well – provide unparalleled safety and convenience to the customers.

To learn more about our service plans and home automation solutions, Visit Hwisel.com!

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