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Create safe work environment during and post COVID-19 with modern disinfection system

The disruption which COVID-19 triggered has profoundly affected businesses, economies and people. The hospitals, diagnostic centers and healthcare facilities are at the epicenter of this tenuous phase as they are responsible for mitigation of virus risks while ensuring health safety for everyone. On the otherside, businesses have also prepared control plans to slow the virus spread as they slowly try to pivot to the new normal.

Our health is greatly influenced by the pollution levels in the air we breathe and the surfaces that we come into contact with. Presently, we are at a brink of virus risks, bacterial contraction and spread, particularly in public areas such as workplaces, escalators, care centers, hospitals, stores, universities, libraries and public transport. The community level strategies suggest people use disinfectant and air purifiers (proper ventilation) in conjunction with the preventive measures they are following.

The human transmission of COVID-19 virus most usually happens by means of coughing, sneezing, laughing, and talking, through respiratory droplets. Many preventive risk mitigation strategies include social distancing, PPE kits, masks, cleaning, protective equipment and more, are being followed.

As of today, there are more than 110 million coronavirus cases and 2.4 million deaths, Worldwide. It is of paramount importance that your business stays prepared for the uncertain times and employs powerful and promising measures post pandemic.

One of the trusted measures for prevention is UV disinfectant. It is now proven to be an effective tool which safeguards people by destroying the pathogens, viruses, bacteria and other forms of microorganisms present in the atmosphere by tearing apart its DNA structure. It is a powerful and reliable approach to annihilate a virus. As per a scientific study, 99% of the COVID-19 virus can be neutralized within 6 seconds by the UV-C light disinfectant system

As per CDC guidelines, businesses should deploy efficient disinfection and central air filtration to combat the spread of the virus and to provide an amicable atmosphere for employees, patients, clients and people. Installing these systems help in:

  • Controlling and eliminating virus transmission among employees.
  • Managing safe and healthy business operations.
  • Keeping the work environment safe.

Owing to these life-threatening circumstances, we wish to co-create a safe space for everyone with our solutions for speedy disinfection on high – touch surfaces and air purification. We at HWisel, are committed to providing sustainable solutions that will aid in maintaining the air quality to a viable level now and in the future.

We are introducing two partner products which suit your requirements and offer significant advantages based on floor area, foot traffic, installation type etc. Together they can add an additional layer of protection in your residence, workplace and other facilities:

The GERMZone is a compact unit built for space-constrained areas, whereas the Illuvia is a larger and more robust unit which has been developed to get installed in bigger spaces with high-traffic zones. Illuvia features real-time monitoring of air quality and a C-UV chamber which guarantees eradication of 99.97% of bacteria

With the GERMZone system, detrimental microorganisms are slowed down and trapped for an exceptional inactivation process. Its UV lamps are completely sealed for continual and secure usage in the occupied areas. It can be installed in a variety of applications – public buildings, schools, offices, nursing homes, hotels and hospitals.
These systems are:

  • Ideal for any indoor space in your home or place of work.
  • Will deliver optimum levels of air quality and ensure protection post pandemic.
  • Will give permanent support in the reduction of dangerous Infection.

These solutions are patented as “Medical-Grade” Air Disinfection Systems produced by USA based Aerobiotix Inc. These Medical Grade products have been clinically proven to KILL airborne SARS-2 COVID-19 and all airborne pathogens on a single pass through the air sanitization unit.

These devices have been tested/sanctioned on the “LIVE” COVID-19 virus and are the ONLY systems that are patented with FDA Class II. Records of the testing results and facts supporting this assertion are also included in the product packaging.

These devices were initially developed to be used in hospital operating rooms, diagnostic, recovery and transitional regions prior to the beginning of the pandemic. Because of the growing concerns for air quality in indoor facilities, these devices were made publicly available in order to help the battle against Covid-19.

“Air Quality”, public safety and health risk management are the major issues and topics of discussion in the world today. Ensuring a safer business environment will be an ongoing point of apprehension for years to come. The aforementioned devices are not just HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration systems, they are air sterilization and sanitization systems that utilize a patented and contained UVC Light technology to KILL, not capture bacteria and viruses (COVID-19).

The concentration of virus contamination and potential sources of airborne bacteria depends on a multitude of factors such as traffic, construction, quality of air, and the workflow.

If you are in a quest to find the best-suited disinfectant for your residential and commercial property, let us help you. Contact us today at +1 800-775-5759!

John Nassar

Mr. John Nassar is Founder of Hwisel Soft Inc. He has 18+ years of experience in the Residential HVAC, Home Security, Smart Home, and Consumer Finance industry. He is a serial entrepreneur that is also a consumer and advocate for the same products and services his companies provide. He is a change junky that enjoys cycling, traveling, and family. He holds a Masters Degree in Business, an undergraduate B.Comm Degree with a Major in Economics.

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