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Warning Signs Indicating That Your Furnace Needs Repair

When the temperature drops outside and the weather gets cold, one thing you rely on is your furnace. It keeps your home warm and comfortable. Although, as your furnace remains unused for half of the year, the unit can malfunction without you noticing it.

When there is an issue with your unit, it becomes crucial to schedule furnace repair services as soon as you can to leverage the benefits of a comfortable home. Below are the common signs that you can realize when your furnace needs to be checked and serviced by an HVAC technician.

  1. Unusual Furnace Smell

    Sometimes furnaces can have an odor of the fuel they use, mostly when they are used for the first time in the year. The smell of the furnace vanishes once the unit starts running. However, if you notice a strong odor of fuel around the unit that appears suddenly or a smell that doesn’t disappear in some time, your furnace may be facing a problem. These odors can be a result of various issues, from gas leak to dust inside it.

  2. Difficulty In Turning The Unit On

    With the passing time, you may face trouble in turning the unit on and running it. If you require restarting the unit multiple times throughout the day, it likely needs to be repaired. These malfunctions usually result from damaged thermostats or disconnected wiring.

  3. Changed Color Of Pilot Light

    Always notice the color of your pilot light if it is changing color other than blue. A different color pilot light, especially yellow, can specify a problem in ventilation. This change in color is the result of carbon monoxide not dissipating as it should, or inadequate oxygen for combustion. This issue can give rise to several health problems and make the furnace unit more inflammable if not repaired.

  4. Inadequate Heat

    One of the most common signs that a furnace needs repair is that it is not doing the job it’s supposed to. If your furnace is not producing the appropriate heat or only at low level, even after the proper thermostat settings, you need to schedule a repair. The inadequate heat can be caused by leaking ductwork allowing treated air to breakout and malfunctioned thermostats that don’t communicate correctly with the furnace unit, or more.

  5. Persistent Noises

    The furnace is not silent, but loud noises that remain persistent can mark a serious issue. Always notice the unusual noises you hear and, if possible, describe them to the technician who is there for inspecting the system. Whistling and screeching sounds may come from the problem in fan or belt while creaking or striking can be a result of loose and broken internal components.

  6. Poor Air Quality

    Your furnace can directly influence the air quality of your home. Lack of maintenance may move bacteria, dirt, and other harmful particles throughout your home along with the heat. You may see more visible dust particles in the air causing frequent colds, coughs, and other respiratory health problems to the people living there. In such cases, the unit and ductwork may need to be cleaned.

  7. Tripped Carbon-Monoxide Detector

    Your furnace may have a carbon-monoxide detector to notify you about the presence of toxic gases. If the detector stops functioning, immediately turn off the furnace and open the windows for ventilation. Consult with your gas company and an HVAC contractor to determine the source of the gas.

If you notice any combination of the warning signs listed above, it is better to schedule the furnace repair services as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

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