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Simplify Your Life with the Latest Mobile Technology HWisel App

Steven pays a visit to his best friend Joey’s house for regular dinner plans. The weather is pretty unpredictable as it’s raining one moment and it’s sunny in another. As Steven walks into Joey’s house, he notices that his wife Natalie is worried about something. He asks her, “What’s wrong?” She says her washing machine is in a fix and she needs dry and clean clothes for her new-born. She wanted to complete all the household chores before dinner, but now their dinner plans might get derailed!

Steven comes to their rescue and tells them how an app got him off the hook by fixing his AC and providing a faster solution in his absence last month. He shows them the top-notch on-demand HWisel App on his phone. He explains to them how HWisel, a technology company has developed a one-stop mobile app bridging the gap between a service provider and a service seeker.

He makes them navigate through the features of the app and describes that they can book service according to their convenient time frame and availability. He shows them how HWisel has leveraged the latest mobile technology to transform the way HVAC services are booked, streamlined and delivered.

HWisel is breaking down barriers between locations and making more technicians instantly available. The friendly interface makes it easier for people to connect with the technician and order their services.

Joey gets curious and asks the details of the services Steven has booked previously using HWisel. Steven goes to the “Service History” feature of the App and tells Joey that all the service work history, type of work, appliances and technicians’ detail can be tracked through this feature. In this feature, when an appliance is serviced, all the data related to technician and appliances are stored in their cloud-based system. The database has details like the name of the person who performed the service, the problem he identified and fixed, the parts that he serviced/replaced and the cost. The customer, as well as the technician, can easily review the service history of the appliances. Customers can request a new service for the same appliance by looking at the previous history.

Amazed with the features, Joey and Natalie want to know how they can book the service now and how long will it take to get the machine fixed, so that they can enjoy dinner at their favourite restaurant without being worried about the clothes.

Steven says you’re in luck! Because a service appointment can be booked in just 30 seconds. The App is pretty quick to respond to your requests, it tries to keep the time frame as minimal as possible. You just have to add your appliances which you wish to receive the service on and click “request service”.

When you book a service, a broadcast goes out to all the technicians in your area and the request is accepted by one of the technicians. And all this happens at a lightning speed of less than 30 seconds. The app also includes a real-time GPS tracker of your technician’s location and his estimated time of arrival.

Natalie books the washing machine repair service through the App and receives high-quality service from HWisel. She highly recommends HWisel to everyone who wants to experience stress-free appliance maintenance.

HWisel comes with a number of helpful and convenient features for smooth and seamless servicing of your home appliances. With improved transparency, efficiency and accountability, HWisel has become one of the most reliable apps for HVAC services. HWisel not only helps you examine and repair your appliances, but also makes sure they function well in the long run with routine maintenance.

If your appliances are being problematic and are out of hand, HWisel has your back. Download HWisel app from Google Play Store and App Store. Book an appointment with us for best-in-class services.

John Nassar

Mr. John Nassar is Founder of Hwisel Soft Inc. He has 18+ years of experience in the Residential HVAC, Home Security, Smart Home, and Consumer Finance industry. He is a serial entrepreneur that is also a consumer and advocate for the same products and services his companies provide. He is a change junky that enjoys cycling, traveling, and family. He holds a Masters Degree in Business, an undergraduate B.Comm Degree with a Major in Economics.

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