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Smart Home Sensor Save Food Spoiling Refrigerator

Smart Home Sensors Save Food From Spoiling In Your Refrigerator

With the Smart home becoming one of the ways of living for the civilization with little time for household chores, people are investing more into things that are helpful in creating an Ambient Ecosystem; where every home appliance is connected with each other. When many appliances act unanimously, they are known as having “Ambience Intelligence”. Thanks to advanced computing technologies, intelligent appliances are taking over prominent areas of a Smart Home.

Internet of things (IoT)

IoT is the inter-connectivity between all the devices we own today i.e. smartphones, smart home, smart TVs, smart refrigerators etc via the internet. It enables devices to receive and send information/data to its users. The ability to send and/or receive information makes it “Smart”. All the things that are being connected to the internet can be categorized into three parts:

  • Devices that receive information and act on it.
  • Devices that collect information and then send it.
  • Devices that do both.

Reasons to settle on smart sensors

Let’s agree that the cost of food is getting more expensive every day. Weekly most homeowners review the grocery flyers looking for the best deals. Some even visit multiple grocery chains to do their shopping, ensuring they save the most money.

The average homeowner has $300+ of food in the refrigerator and upwards of $1,000 in their freezer. That’s a lot of money. If you review your insurance policy you will see that freezer losses are typically covered. But are they really? What’s the value of coverage if you can’t use it?

Deductibles and premium increases

Let’s say the damage is covered by insurance. The question which needs to be addressed is that of Cost-Benefit in terms of using the coverage provided. If your deductible just covers your loss, then likely it makes no sense to file a claim. Since most homeowners have a deductible of $500 – $1,000 on their homeowner policy, having freezer coverage is meaningless. In addition to that, you should give some consideration to the increase in your premiums. The insurance company considers your home at higher risk which means a higher rate of premiums. You’ll end up walking a tight rope.

Does your policy cover repair costs?

Homeowner policies almost never cover the cause of the accident, i.e. repair to the refrigerator or the freezer. Yes, there are exceptions depending on the cause and it is best to review your policy with your insurer or broker. So, if the repair to the fridge or freezer is not covered then you have to bear the cost of repair. Here is where things get interesting. The faster you know there is a problem, the quicker you can deal with it. Time is not on your side when it comes to food; that’s why you have a fridge in the first place.

Save yourself a lot of trouble with HWisel Smart Sensors

The kitchen is one of the most integral parts of the house as it has appliances that provide better services to the household. The fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t allow people to keep track of every item kept in the refrigerator. HWisel smart home sensors for refrigerators are designed to convert any existing refrigerator into an intelligent cost-effective system that enables better nutrition and enhance better health.

These sensors are programmed to sense what kind of products are being stored inside and helps in inventory management through RFID scanning. It also determines when a food item should be replenished. Sensors that are being used in smart refrigerators are; a Temperature sensor, Gas sensor and proximity sensor, load cells.

These sensors come with innovations that fulfill expectations of energy conservation, self-cleaning, waste control, compartmentalization etc. The quality of vegetables can be checked through the HWisel app to preserve human health; users will be informed when vegetables and fruits are rotten. It makes sure that outside air doesn’t flow in and pollute the quality of food by making sure the doors are closed.

The adoption of this kind of technology is catching on with every passing day because it is proactive in protecting your health and your wallet. HWisel has got you and your refrigerator covered, under the most demanding and unfavorable conditions. For more information visit our website hwisel.com

John Nassar

Mr. John Nassar is Founder of Hwisel Soft Inc. He has 18+ years of experience in the Residential HVAC, Home Security, Smart Home, and Consumer Finance industry. He is a serial entrepreneur that is also a consumer and advocate for the same products and services his companies provide. He is a change junky that enjoys cycling, traveling, and family. He holds a Masters Degree in Business, an undergraduate B.Comm Degree with a Major in Economics.

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