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Most of the time, people are unaware that their water heater is about to break down. However, there are signs you can look at and it’s not just about water leaking on the walls or the wet carpets. You can avoid the damage of a malfunctioning water heater by being alert of the clues and taking some preventive measures.


Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Repair

  • Age of Your Water Heater

    It’s important to know how old your water heater is as a starting point. You can find its age by checking the serial number on the manufacturer’s label stuck to the water heater. This serial number includes the date of water heater manufacturing written in a code form. For example, “G061056328”, here G is for the month, G is the seventh letter in the alphabet series, so it represents the seventh month, i.e. July. The next two digits are 06, which represents the year 2006. This means the water heater was manufactured in July 2006. Each manufacturer will have a similar date code or it may vary. You can check with the manufacturer for assistance.

    If your water heater is less than 10 years old and failing to function properly then you should contact a residential repair technicians for the maintenance and service of your water heater.

  • Rusty Water

    If you see rusty water coming from the heater and it is only visible on the hot side piping in your home, this indicates that the water heater is weakening due to rust and it can start leaking soon.

    If there is a coated piping, those pipes can be rusty too. Even after draining hot water out of water heater if this doesn’t stop the rusty water, then the water heater should be changed. To stop this from getting worse, you must schedule an appointment for appliance repair service for your water heater as soon as possible.

  • Frequent Roaring Sounds

    With the passing of time, sediment can collect on the bottom of the tank. The deposits can harden while heating and reheating. As this happens, you will hear some banging or roaring sounds coming from the heater while water is heating up. This can be a hint that your appliance is about to break down.

The layer of hardened deposits can:

  • Lessen the Efficiency:  The heater will use more electricity or gas for heating water.
  • Damage the Heater:  The longer it takes to heat the water, the more it will cause damage to the metal tank and result in more breakable metal that can develop minute holes. If you start hearing roaring sounds from the water heater, check for any small leaks. If you can’t determine the actual issue, book an appointment with the technicians for your water heater repair service.
  • Moisture Around the Water Heater

    You may notice water around the heater, this can be a sign of a small leak in the tank. Metal expands while heating, and if there’s a small crack, it may cause the leakage of water from the tank. Once the metal cools down, the leakage from the inner tank will stop.

    Though, before repairing the water heater, make sure the leakage is not due to the connections or fittings to the tank. Also, check the temperature/pressure overflow pipe.

If you are concerned about the maintenance of your water heater or if you notice any of the above signs, get the repair service for your water heater now.

You can book an appointment with on-demand water heater repair service technicians at HWisel and save the money you will spend on the replacement.

At HWisel, we strive to offer you the benefits of on-demand appliance repair services for your water heater. Our robust mobile app platform seamlessly bridges the gap between homeowners and the technicians.

Want best-in-class services for your home appliances?

Book an appointment with our technicians at HWisel and get your issues related to your water heater resolved.

Key Features of Our On-demand Water Heater Repair Services

  1. Seamless Bookings:  Once the customer books a service with HWisel, the appointment gets confirmed within 10 minutes of residential repair technician’s arrival. Also, the service costs less as compared to the cost of buying a new water heater.
  2. Easy Scheduling:  Solving appliance maintenance problems couldn’t be easier. Customers just need to select the service, check out the price, and schedule as per their preferred date and time.
  3. Real-time Updates:  Track the location and Estimated time of arrival (ETA) of residential repair technician in real-time through a GPS tracker.
  4. Transparent:  Get complete details of the technicians including their name and other information. This feature ensures the safety and security of the customers.
  5. SOS Alerts:  In case of an emergency, customers can send an SOS and the technicians will arrive there as soon as possible.

Technicians at HWisel

  1. Verified:  All the water heater repair service experts are thoroughly verified with a complete background police check. All of them are licensed, insured, and bonded.
  2. Experienced:  The technicians are highly qualified in their field and always courteous with the customers.
Why Is HWisel the Best Choice for Your Water Heater Repair Services?

We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality of service, and we can go above and beyond to make it better. Whether you are looking for water heater repair or maintenance, we will connect you with the highly trained and experienced technicians near you. HWisel makes sure that your water heater works perfectly whenever you use it. Our multiple on-demand appliance repair service options guarantee that your home comfort needs are fulfilled as per your convenience.

The team of highly-qualified and courteous professionals takes time to analyze and repair the issues causing your unit to break down. Their hands-on experience with all the leading makes and models will minimize the need for a 2nd visit.

Download the app now, schedule an appointment, and let the technicians help you determine the best way to improve the efficiency of your water heater and make its functioning last-longer.

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