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Air Filter Replacement

Your Furnace Needs Sufficient Air to Keep You Warm

Winter is upon us and as many of us are relying on our furnace for longer periods of time to keep us warm during the winter.

Recently, at HWisel, we have been getting a lot of requests from people experiencing equipment failure and asking for our help. Their furnaces are shutting down; leaving them without heat when they need it the most!

The furnace in your house needs air to function properly. Just like a human body, if your furnace does not have air for combustion or air flow, it will shut down.

However, your furnace can still come back to life with the provision of regular care and maintenance.

We have talked several times about the need to maintain your HVAC equipment and your furnaces.

Here are a few more tips on how to keep your furnace up and running through replacing your air filter.

Air Filter Replacement

Over the last few weeks the majority of the service requests made by HWisel users have been for No Heat. On arrival of the Technician, a majority of the complaints fell into the category of malfunctioning air filter.

The furnace was starving for air because the filter had not been changed and was clogged due to accumulation of dust particles. You can look through some pictures that have been put up for reference here.

Air FilterRemoving dirty air filter

A quick filter replacement is all it took for the Technician to restart the furnace making it a very costly affair at the end of the day.

Some homeowners have money to burn; but, most of us don’t need to pay a service technician to replace an air filter for us!

Replace your air filter often to save on service calls, disruption, time away from work and worrying about your home appliances.

With HWisel’s qualified and experienced HVAC Contractors on hand, you can sit back and relax during this chilling winter weather while we look after your HVAC appliance service needs.

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John Nassar

Mr. John Nassar is Founder of Hwisel Soft Inc. He has 18+ years of experience in the Residential HVAC, Home Security, Smart Home, and Consumer Finance industry. He is a serial entrepreneur that is also a consumer and advocate for the same products and services his companies provide. He is a change junky that enjoys cycling, traveling, and family. He holds a Masters Degree in Business, an undergraduate B.Comm Degree with a Major in Economics.

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