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Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Join the electric vehicle revolution…We make it easy!

Demand for EV charging infrastructure is growing exponentially. Residential, commercial, institutional clients alike will need solutions that are affordable, and hassle free.

EV chargers seem simple, you pull the cable and plug it in your car. Unfortunately, EV chargers require ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and service. Since you depend on your EV Charger it needs to be monitored 24/7 for error codes, faults, etc. and you need On Demand Service.

HWisel EV is the only electric vehicle charger Subscription Program on the market. With HWisel EV you don’t need to own the EV charger(s), you don’t need to manage, service, or upgrade the charger(s). HWisel EV delivers the solution without the baggage of ownership, at an affordable price.

HWisel offers an EV Charger subscription for commercial, residential, institutional, retail, restaurant, and other industries.

Why should you consider an EV Charger Subscription

  • No upfront capital cost.
  • No equipment risk.
  • No maintenance.
  • No installation costs.
  • No management responsibility.

Need service, need a replacement part, no problem, all included at no extra charge!

HWisel is the only CPO (Charging Point Operator) with IoT experience. We bring this IoT experience to enable:
  • Smart Charging
  • Load management
  • Grid optimization
  • System notifications
  • Reminders
  • On Demand Service

Quality equipment, professional installation, best in class customer web and mobile tools are all available. Subscriptions start for as little as $50.00 monthly.

The right solution for your EV Charger!

Mobile App Customer control

  • View charging progress
  • Find recent charge sessions
  • Remotely start and stop charge sessions
  • Use our smart charging technology
  • Find charge point locations worldwide
  • Navigation towards charge points
  • Filter for pricing and power types
  • See charging tariffs
  • Scan QR codes to start charging immediately


Charger Subscription

⚫ Delivered by HWisel
⚫ Covers the Charger and Installation
⚫ Includes Charger Monitoring
⚫ Charger Notifications
Service and Parts Replacement
⚫ Open Term
⚫ HWisel Mobile App
⚫ Standard Installation - Read More Here