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Smart Home Connected

Smart Home Connected

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For centuries the act of whistling has and remains synonymous with drawing attention.  Today when you need repair service on your home appliances, from furnace to air conditioner to water heater and more you simply HWisel.

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HWisel takes the hassle, risk, anxiety, out of appliance repair so you can sit back and relax!
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Smart Home Connected

Smart Home Connected

Ask Alexa to book an appointment, control your smart thermostat, and more…..

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Maintain a complete history on your appliances', the make, model, last repair, and more…….

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Customize Your Home To Be More Secure, Smart And Convenient

Want to save money? Before you ponder about spending less on family vacations or cutting back on dinners and movies, you may want to check your own home to find where you might be wasting resources, and also, money. For example, cooking appliances, dishwashers, refrigerators, HVAC systems and other electrical power equipment at our home, and an increasing number of rechargeable home appliances and entertainment devices can be better managed. Consider HWisel (pronounced ‘Whistle’) that allows you to integrate your smart home systems with an app that helps you to save time and money and makes your home more secure and comfortable, taking convenience to a whole new level. This innovative smart home solution ensures that your appliances are appropriately integrated with an appliance service which fits with your lifestyle.

Download the Hwisel App Now and Make Your Home the Smartest

Taking this first step will not just save your money and time, it will also help reduce your home’s environmental footprint. Also, with rising energy costs, smart home device integration will make your home more pleasing to future buyers.

Smart Home integration with HWisel will help you

  • Evaluate Your Total Energy Consumption With a Home Energy Meter
  • Decrease Your Cost of Cooling and Heating With a Programmable Thermostat
  • Turn on the Lights Only When You Want Them With Indoor Motion Sensor Lighting and Enhance Safety At Your Home
  • Monitor Your Water Consumption in the Same Way That You Manage Electrical Usage, and much more

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