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HWisel for Service… Technicians respond.

When you HWisel for service a broadcast goes out to techs in the area who compete for your business. You receive a confirmed booking for your preferred date and time.  On arrival, you will receive a notification from the Technician that he has arrived for your safety. At any time, you can track the Technicians geo position with the map view.

Whistle for appliance repair service

What makes HWisel different

HWisel technician going for service

HWisel is as simple as it comes to servicing your home appliances.

A. It starts with the technicians doing the work. We vet all technicians so you don’t have to.  That means full background police check, insurance, licenses, skills, and more.  We monitor the quality of their work, provide a guarantee, and provide bonding so you don’t have to worry about who is entering your home.

B. It continues with our technology. Your time is valuable so who has patients, time, or desire to be at the mercy of a technician. Besides, who is working for who?  So, we provide you with the technology to track the arrival time of the technician, change the appoint, pick a different technician on the fly; now you are in control.

C. We have simplified service charges. In fact, we have lowered them to ridiculous levels.  If you use our exclusive TeleRepair service – no cost if we don’t fix the problem – your repair is less than $50.00.  If a technician has to come to your home you can choose from various service plans, flat rate, time and materials, and more.

D. Your appliance history is your appliance history! On your first service visit, we inventory and complete an appliance check list.  This allows us to better serve you in the future, ensure that replacement parts are available with the technician, and more.  The data is captured in your electronic file holder; available to you in the event you need to book another service call on the same appliance, other appliances, or simply to check on the service history.  Not even your car company provides this level of history.

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