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Increase your take home income by 50% to 200% with HWisel!!!

Build your own business

Work when you want, access the latest technology, lead after lead..

Set your own schedule

  • You can work with HWisel anytime. Work full time or keep your day job and work weekends or evenings.  Work life balance is up to you.

Spend less time looking for work and more time working

  • Looking for jobs is time consuming and costly.
  • Web sites, social media, advertising all take time, money, and expertise.
  • Think of it as a franchise without the franchise overhead.

Build your own Recurring Month Revenue Business (RMR)

  • We offer the tools and billing system that allows you to build Equity.
  • When times are slow you still have income!
Qualified Technicians

Think you have what it takes

It’s easy to get started

Step 1

 Sign up online

Tell us a little about yourself, your qualifications, and the equipment you work on.

Step 2

Upload some documents

We need to see your licenses, insurance, and certain information to qualify you on behalf of our customers.

Step 3

Starter package and App

You understand that presenting a professional image and having the right business tools is important; HWisel does to!  With our Starter Kit customers will instantly recognize you as a Professional who is part of an International Organization. Trust and image is everything!

Service Standards

Providing High Quality Customer Service

Your success, and our success, is built on providing exceptional customer service. At HWisel we expect and demand the highest standard in:

  • Ethics
  • Empathy
  • Quality

We are only as good as our last service experience. We ask customers to rate the delivery of HWisel service. Your rating drives your income through referrals, bonuses, incentives (including vacations). And, while you are rewarded for your efforts the opposite is also true. Our 2 strike rule protects our network of technicians and the HWisel brand.

About the APP

Purposely built for Appliance Repair

You will be amazed by the simplicity of our APP from customer booking to payment.  No more surprises when you get to the Appliance, we maintain a complete history on the equipment, when, what, who, and more.

It all starts with the customer service request. Technicians in the area receive a broadcast if they are available for the call.  You receive information on the problem, the type of equipment, the location of the customer, and service time requested. Then it’s up to you to decide if you want the Job…..but don’t wait too long because another technician may scoop the Job on you.

We have also packed the APP with scheduled equipment maintenance, service plans, a variety of payment methods, including service job financing.  Everything you need to operate a successful business.

National Relationships

At HWisel we understand owner operators. As a technology startup, we empathize! From the start; you are at a disadvantage.  You never receive the best prices, terms, attention.  Everyone wants to deal with the big guys; we get it.

HWisel has established national relationships with suppliers of all kind. As a member of the HWisel team you can take advantage of special rates on parts, equipment, fuel, tools, and more. Now everyone is taking notice of HWisel.

Future of Appliance Service

Join the future of appliance service today. Our value proposition is powerful and simple. Leverage the HWisel platform and empower your business for growth and profitability. Let us show you how…

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