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HEPA Carbon Filter


The activated carbon pre-filter and the optional after-filter can remove lint and unpleasant odors, atmospheric and household dust, coal dust, insecticides, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, cooking smoke and grease, pet dander and tobacco smoke particles.



Model Number : DMH4-0810 For DMH4-0400 HEPA Air Cleaner

Exact Size : 16 x12 x 1/2”

Filter Rating : Carbon

Expected Duration : 3 to 6 months

Fits : Amana ADMH900, ADMHEPA400, AMHP-250-UPD, AMHP-250-UPP, AMHP-320-D, DMH900, DMH900VS, CinQuartz CQP900, Clean Comfort AMHP-250-UPD, AMHP-250-UPP, AMHP-320-D, Coleman CEHEPA-DM400, Daikin AMHP-250-UPD, AMHP-250-UPP, AMHP-320-D, Electro-Air EAHEPA-DM400, EADM900UV-VO, EAP900, Evolution Air DM400, Fast Parts FSHEPDM400, Five Seasons FSHEPA-DM400, FSDM900UV-VO, FSSA900VS, Goodman AMHP-250-UPD, AMHP-250-UPP, AMHP-320-D, DMH900, DMH900VS, GDMH900, GDMHEPA400, GSA900VS, Rheem RCDMHEPA400, RCDM900UV-VO-A, Ruud RCDMHEPA400, RCDM900UV-VO-A, Totaline P102-400DM, York YHEPA-DM400. Also fits Amana/Clean Comfort/Daikin/Goodman AMP-DMH4-0400