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Hwisel Service Subscription

Hwisel Service Subscription

$9.99 per month

Be prepared for unexpected appliance service. The Hwisel Service Subscription has you covered regardless of the appliance. Yes, any appliance in your home is covered for service. Or, use the subscription for appliance maintenance.

The plan covers the cost of service, once a year, up to $240.00. This includes any diagnostic fees, trip charges, and taxes1.

The Hwisel Service Subscription doubles your money, entitling you to service that would cost 2x without the plan2. It’s like getting a 50% discount.

Use the Hwisel App to book your service request on any appliance setup on your account. Or let our Hwisel Monitoring service through a Smart Home device3 keep an eye on your appliances. Hwisel Monitoring is a free service available to all customers4.


  • Improved comfort
  • Hassle free and convenient
  • Double your money
  • Manufacturers’ warranty not required
  • Zero parts and labour charge for ALL repairs4
  • Free monitoring service
  • Hwisel on-demand service App


  • Smart Home system – available
1Service charges above $240.00 are additional. The Subscription can only be use once per year.
2For example you have service work done costing $240.00 but your Subscription only costs $119.88 plus tax.
3Smart Home devices may include, Smart Thermostats (Ecobee or Honeywell), Smart Home Hubs (Smart Things or Hwisel Hub). Selection my vary from time to time.
4Monitoring available for customers using the Hwisel App who have connected a qualified smart home device.