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Water Heater Subscription

$13.49$28.53 per month

You rely on your water heater every day. It’s one of the most used appliances in your home and you probably never think about it.

SizeEnergy SourceVenting SourceHousehold Size
EL40ElectricityNot applicableAverage
CV40Natural GasChimneyAverage
CV50Natural GasChimneyLarge
PV40Natural GasVenting pipeAverage
PV50Natural GasVenting pipeLarge

Your home’s hot water should be worry-free, affordable, and reliable. But an old tired water heater is not always the least cost option. Repair costs, time off work, disruption to your daily routine, all drive up the cost. That’s why we offer high-quality, energy-efficient water heaters from tank type to tankless units. Energy efficiencies available up to 96%.

Why Might I Be Interested in a Water Heater Subscription Service?

When you select Hwisel you no longer have to purchase new equipment to enjoy energy efficiency savings and benefits.

Looking to sell your home in 3-5 yrs……….Subscription Advised

On a fixed income…………………………………Subscription Advised

No time or interest in ownership…….………Subscription Advised

Why spend time worrying about the cost to repair or service your tired old equipment?

These costs can add up quickly, including:

  • Installation fees – a licensed technician is required to install your new water heater.
  • Diagnostic charges – what happens when something goes wrong? How much will you pay just to get someone to your home? How soon can they arrive?
  • Parts and labor costs – are you prepared to pay parts and labor costs when a breakdown happens?

When you Subscribe to the Hwisel water heater service you receive:

Why HWiselRent
HWisel Mobile App
Quality Energy Star rated equipment available
Gov’t Incentives and rebates
All permits included where required
Local Licensed technicians
24/7/365 days a year
Zero up-front cost*
Low monthly payments
Zero parts and labor charge for all repairs*
Equipment replacement if equipment can’t be repaired*
Same Day Service*
Transferrable to new homeowners