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The Virtual Doorman is your technology answer to managing occupancy levels in a Covid-19 New Normal. Social distancing means physical distancing in a building. But, to maintain that physical distancing many companies must limit the number of people allowed in. For small retailers this is not a problem. However large retailers, banks, service companies, supermarkets, and many others require a door person, this is an employee or security guard.

Managing the ‘Door’ puts people at risks. It is also costly for struggling organizations and inefficient. Its inefficient since the door person never really knows how many people are in building. Have they allowed too many people in or not enough? The Virtual Doorman can do a better job, more efficiently, and at less cost, while improving customer service.

There are three components to the Virtual Doorman, the Door Monitor, the Traffic Signal, and the IoT Tools.



  • Measure real time traffic in and out of your facility
  • Dynamically set occupancy levels for each facility
  • Tigger alarms and notifications to front line staff and management
  • Analyze traffic patterns, manage operating costs, and service delivery
  • Adhere to local health guidelines/regulations
  • Turnkey solution fully installed and operational same day
  • 24/7 Realtime access to IoT system
  • High accuracy with 128-bit encryption
  • Single or multiple doors



  • Provides a visual signal
  • Automate entry flow, buffering, suspend, accelerate
  • Safely optimize occupancy
  • Eliminate onsite security costs or staff door management
  • Visually pleasing lighting options
  • Enhance with entry door automation
  • Fully integrated with Traffic Counter
  • Economical with first month payback


Complete access


  • Cloud base service
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Multi-user access
  • Mobile App
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Reporting tools
  • Corporate and compliance reporting

IoT Traffic Controller Solution

You can’t manage what you don’t measure —

IoT solutions allow you to collect data to help guide your decisions.

Virtual Doorman How it Works

About Hwisel Soft Inc.

Hwisel Soft Inc. provides low cost, long life, IoT solutions to consumers and business clients alike. Hwisel owns and operates a Private Communications Network without the need for GSM, WIFI, or Bluetooth technologies. Hwisel’s platform is secure, reliable, and integrates with the world’s most trusted IoT hardware brands. Our core competency is as a Smart Device Management platform. We are not a smart device manufacturer or property management software provider.

  • Open hardware platform integrates with best-in-class devices
  • Purpose-built gateways
  • Cloud Based Solution with AES128 encryption

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Installing and managing thousands of devices is complicated and we all know that poorly implemented technology is worse than no technology. Hwisel’s experienced team of IoT experts, Technicians, and Customer support means we look after everything. We guarantee projects are:

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  • Supported

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